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Physical Education Killara also organizes a series of classes for children who have learning difficulties in areas such as Mathematics, Language, Science, Maths, Creativity, History, and Technology. During these classes, the caregivers teach children skills like writing and painting, reading, drawing, dancing, music, and dance. Other learning therapies include, but are not limited to: Language and Culture Killara is committed to teaching their clients the local language and culture of their host communities and is committed to promoting their social and cultural awareness. Click Here –

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Daystar’s mission statement includes their commitment to: Education Killara Daystar aims to give all children with disabilities an early education that leads to a healthy and happier future. The childcare provider works with its clients in providing educational and developmental activities that encourage physical activity, speech, physical interaction and positive peer interaction. Early childhood education also involves a structured and systematic approach to education designed to support the development of a child’s academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs.

Social Skills Killara aims to strengthen their services by: Empowering the family of clients The aim of Daystar Childcare Killar is to empower their clients through effective communication, social interaction, and mutual respect. Our aim is to make every client a significant and respected member of our team.

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