Margaret River Wineries

How many Wineries in Margaret River, New South Wales. From an incredibly intellectual start, the margaret river wineries wine region of New South Wales was born out of a passion for wine. Now, fifty years later, though Margaret river produces just about 3% of all Australian wine, it accounts for about 20% of the most sought after Australian wines sold annually.

What makes Margaret Rivers wineries so special is that they focus not only on the varietals, as are more traditional in Australia, but also on the regions of Australia, which produce the best wines. This way, the winery has a wider variety to offer to their customers, as well as the chance to get the most out of the wines they produce. Some of the famous locales that are part of this area include the Bairnsdale region, which boasts of some of the best Australian white and sparkling wines; the Marlborough region, which boasts of some of the best Australian reds and whites; and the North East region, where you will find some of the most amazing Australian whites and reds.

Our Margaret River Getaway

Some of the winery’s vineyards include the Waring Valley and the Waring’s Valley vineyards. These two vineyards are part of the award winning Waring’s Estate, which also houses some of the most popular Australian wineries. So if you ever want to experience some of the best tasting wines available in Australia, look no further than one of these wineries.

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