Water Pump

A penstock is essentially a gate or trough or opening which holds water in place or regulates its passage, either vertically or horizontally. The word derives from the older model of water mills and penstock. In the past, water was channeled through these structures by means of a series of wooden rollers which were connected to a drum pump or by gravity. As such, a large number of structures were built in different settings across various parts of the country, particularly in the countryside.

Penstock Selection Video

The basic function of a penstock was to channel water into a pond or reservoir for use as irrigation, in order to replenish the depleted water supplies. A water pump, which was connected to the mill through a series of pipes, was used to ensure that water from the reservoir or pond was constantly pumped to the areas where it was needed. The water pump could also be used to turn a wheel.

Today, modern day penstock come in several shapes and sizes. Some are circular and feature two or more sides, while others are rectangular and feature two or three sides. It is important to note that the type of structure is decided by the user and his or her needs. Some people prefer a penstock which is placed on top of the ground whereas others prefer to place it inside a building or on a concrete surface.

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