How Do You Create A Click Funnel?

click funnel

A click funnel is an online sales method to follow called a lead capture system. In 1987, purchasing a mobile phone the size of a pea was financially astute for a traditional brick and mortar company. Today, internet business strategy means online funnels, sometimes also known as lead funnels. Leadfunnels are a new take on a long-standing system. Read more –

How Do You Create A Click Funnel?

The idea behind this system is to send your audience to a sales page before they even reach your website. When your audience lands on the sales page, your lead is essentially converted from visitor to customer. Once your visitor has purchased through the first click, they are then sent to another page on your site to make the next purchase. Each time your visitor makes a purchase, you receive a commission. This is the best way to drive targeted traffic to your website because each sale is more likely to result in a full conversion (buyer confirmed).

Leadfunnels are an easy way to track visitors and convert them into customers. You can find out who clicks on your sales page by logging into your account and clicking on ‘dashboards’. You can see who clicks on that ad and how many visitors go that route versus the other methods you have available. It’s also important to note which pages visitors go to when they first arrive on your online store. Focus on those keywords so that you can use them in your landing page to get the most conversions.

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