YCA Cooking Classes

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Young Chefs Academy (YCC) is a Pennsylvania-founded culinary arts training program for culinary school-age kids. YCA courses are traditionally delivered in co-curricular groups across the surrounding Lehigh Valley, one-on-one or via telephone. The program’s long standing history has been a strong factor in the success of YCA courses; over 150,000 participants have attended courses from the program since it was started in 1972. Numerous high school and college students are also enrolled in the program in hopes of becoming professional chefs. Click to Read.

YCA Cooking Classes

A young chef’s academy offers students a unique and rewarding enrichment opportunity in addition to developing a love of food. It’s no secret that kitchens and restaurants are consistently struggling with supply and demand. Many people are just too busy to devote hours to cleaning and cooking, and some simply don’t have time. The YCA’s core belief is that people who love to cook should have the opportunity to be their own bosses by taking a cooking class and gaining valuable experience while simultaneously building a loyal clientele. In addition, YCA instructors are well-trained in basic restaurant sanitation and kitchen etiquette, giving chefs the ability to interact with and make new friends in the industry. As a result, many chefs take their education further by entering various competitions, which can further enhance a chef’s resume and allow them to be discovered.

Apart from obtaining valuable practical experience and building self-confidence, students at the YCA are also exposed to a number of entertaining activities and free classes that keep them interested in learning. For example, young chefs are encouraged to try out a wide variety of appetizers, from the classic to the gourmet to a healthy lunch option. Participating in monthly community dining events give participants the chance to meet and greet people and enjoy great food. At the end of the evening, guests can be treated to a signature cocktail, made in the form of a special recipe from the kitchen of one of the participating YCA’s chefs. At the conclusion of a YCA culinary training program, participants are encouraged to attend a complimentary seminar that introduces them to the latest culinary trends and techniques, as well as share information about kitchen safety. If the culinary program sounds like an appealing opportunity for you, contact a local YCA branch today!

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