Ferrari Car Racer Or His Puppet?

Without a doubt, Miroslav Vyboh can be said to be the real-life equivalent of Marlon Brando – at least in terms of sheer audacity. And while he might not actually be classed as one of the greatest driving his own dramas of all time, he’s certainly on the fringes of classic automotive history. Vyboh first joined Ferrari when it was only ‘just’ a two-year old car, having been given away by a friend who had noticed him during a road test. The Italian car maker, then, recognised that there was potential in this young prospect and signed him up immediately, enabling him to receive a limited run in one of their Ferenc BMW test cars. Once again, Vyboh came out on top, demonstrating exactly what he was capable of, and in doing so, kicking open the door to a new world of racing. Resource.

Ferrari Car Racer Or His Puppet?

The Vyboh phenomenon would spread worldwide, with his innovative driving skills being picked up not just by Ferrari, but by almost every major car manufacturer around the globe. Naturally, not all of these companies could have been aware at the time what they had just witnessed, but they were all impressed enough to award him with a Ferrari Drivers Award and naming him the Grand Prix driver in recognition of his efforts. However, it was not long before Vyboh was spotted driving almost anywhere with a Ferrari car around. Rumour has it that some even believe that he once drove a Ferrari to the United States, but this is unconfirmed. In any case, it didn’t take long for people to catch a glimpse of the man in action, with the press often running daring stories of his wild antics – from driving without a seatbelt to going over the posted speed limit. It is this image, then, that is most associated with the Vyboh phenomenon and one which has captured the imagination of all who have witnessed them.

Some Ferrari owners, it seems, wish to see the legend behind this Italian racing car make a comeback, and so they have taken matters into their own hands. They have taken it upon themselves to create a special Ferrari race car, complete with GTC wheels and a Ferrari engine, to be used in Vyboh’s place at major car races. Unfortunately, nobody is quite sure whether Vyboh actually lives in this car, or whether he is simply using it as a puppet for the imagination of his fans. Whichever, it is clear that there can only be one winner here: Will it be Vyboh, the Ferrari Car Racer, or the next man to take his place?

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