Yoga Teachers Training in Bali

When you’re ready to begin a career in yoga, Bali is an excellent location for teacher training. The island’s cultural and spiritual diversity make it the perfect setting for training. You’ll find hindu temples, incense-filled sidewalks, and lush rice paddies. The local community combines a deep connection to their spirituality with gentleness and generosity.

Is it hard to make money as a yoga instructor?

The pace of life on Bali is slow and relaxing. The Indian Ocean is a mere step away, and you’ll be immersed in the local culture. There are many opportunities to explore the island’s cultural attractions, including temples and local arts and crafts. In addition, your training will feature multiple instructors and many opportunities to work in small groups.

The course itself is not difficult, and the faculty here offers plenty of time for reflection. During the training, you’ll be taught vinyasa and hatha styles of yoga. Upon completion, you’ll be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance, which will help you earn the right credentials. The school also offers a free stay after the course and allows you to practice yoga for three days at the end of your training. This is also one of the most affordable yoga teachers training bali has to offer.

A quality teacher training course will teach you the ins and outs of the different styles of yoga. You’ll also be given the opportunity to explore the local cuisine, enjoy a complimentary surf lesson, and experience the island’s spiritual cleansing ceremony. The Power of Now Oasis is a popular destination for teacher training. The center has two eco-friendly shalas, as well as a juice bar.


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