Private Investigators in Columbia, SC Can Help Solve a Variety of Issues

Private investigators in Columbia sc can be hired to help solve a variety of issues. These range from infidelity to child custody issues. They are able to provide proof in court, and are also capable of helping save property. If you’re in a difficult situation, hiring a private investigator can be the best way to make sure you’re protected.

Are private investigators worth the money?

Private investigation firms in Columbia, SC will typically charge an hourly rate. This rate may include travel, mileage, and report writing. However, some firms may offer a flat rate for subject screening.

Regardless of the service, most private investigators in Columbia, SC are police officers. They are trained to follow the law and gather information from all sources. Their skills enable them to get results fast.

Private investigators in Columbia, SC can conduct background checks and provide evidence in court. They can also help with infidelity investigations, child custody cases, and alimony reductions. Often, their services are also available as part of a retainer.

To obtain a license to perform PI work in South Carolina, an investigator must have three years of relevant experience. He or she must pass a background check and carry a $10,000 bond.

The license is valid until 2006, at which time it must be renewed. A licensed private investigator must also document 12 hours of continuing education each 24 months. Upon completion of training, these hours will be credited.

Private investigators in Columbia, SC are well-trained and experienced. Many will even have experience in different areas.

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