Why Does My Zoom Screen Keep Flickering?

Why Does My Zoom Screen Keep Flickering

Why Does My Zoom Screen Keep Flickering?

Zoom is a #2 – disabling hardware accelaration fixed my flickers!! way to collaborate and share your screen. However, sometimes the screen can flicker, which can be annoying.

This issue may be caused by several different things, including hardware and software issues. For this reason, you need to determine what’s causing the issue before you can fix it.

First, check your monitor and input source for problems. Both must have matching refresh rates to ensure smooth visuals. Typically, refresh rates range from 60 Hz to 240 Hz, but some more advanced monitors support higher refresh rates.

How to Fix Zoom Screen Flickering: A Step-by-Step Guide

Next, check your graphics card drivers for any updates that need to be applied. You can do this by opening the Device Manager and searching for Display Adapters.

Third, uninstall any incompatible or outdated apps that may be affecting the video quality and performance of your computer. This is particularly important on Windows 11 PCs as many apps are still using an older version of the operating system that won’t work properly with the newer OS.

If none of the above suggestions solves the problem, it might be time to replace your monitor or graphics card. It’s usually more expensive to purchase a new monitor than a new graphics card, but it’s worth the cost in the long run because monitors can last years before they start to break down. If your monitor is faulty, you can contact the manufacturer for help. They can send you a replacement or help you raise a warranty claim.

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