Inogen One G4 Price – What You Need to Know

inogen one g4 price

Inogen One G4 Price

The inogen one g4 is an affordable portable oxygen concentrator for patients who need extra oxygen in their homes or on the go. It offers the same features as the g3, including Bluetooth technology and app access, as well as a lower noise level.

It’s also inogen one g4 portable concentrator to carry than the g3 with its smaller size and lighter weight. It’s FAA approved for air travel and can withstand high altitudes, making it a good choice for travelers with respiratory conditions.

How to Order a G4

To purchase an Inogen one g4, select the model, battery type (single or double) and warranty options (3-year or unlimited). You’ll need to enter your credit card information. The company accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Once you submit your order, you’ll be contacted by an Inogen representative to confirm.

Inogen One G4 vs. Other Portable Oxygen Concentrators: Which is Right for You

The Inogen one g4’s backlit LCD screen and four large push buttons make it easy for you to check your flow settings and battery life. The screen also displays the oxygen concentration level in percent.

LED Indicators for Breath Detection and Alerts

The Inogen G4 has two LED indicators; one for breath detection and the other for alerts and changes in operating hours. A flashing LED indicates a higher priority alert.

In addition to the LCD screen, the G4 has four large push buttons and a numerical display of battery life. This allows you to quickly determine if your inogen one g4 is charging and if the unit is ready for use.

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