Playground Line Painting

playground line painting

Playgrounds are important to children because of their role in helping them develop cognitive processing and problem-solving skills. Playground line painting (also known as schoolyard stencilling) is the process of painting lines, markings or stencils on concrete and bitumen surfaces to create boundaries in games or sports. Whether the basketball court lines are starting to fade or you need to mark out playground games on new concrete, we have the equipment and expertise to help you make your schoolyard fun, safe and engaging. Go here

We can install thermoplastic playground markings to create long-lasting, brightly coloured lines and shapes on hard surfaces including tarmac and concrete. This is a specialised process that requires surface preparation, layout and design. The thermoplastic markings are laid out over the surface and heated to a temperature, which allows them to melt into all of the nooks and crannies, creating accurate and precise markings.

A Rainbow of Fun: Exploring Colorful Playground Line Painting Ideas

Once cooled and dry, the markings are fixed into place using hand tools or a specialist applicator machine. It’s important that the marks are fixed securely to reduce the risk of them being accidentally lifted or moved during play.

We also have a range of temporary paints that can be used by hand or with a spray machine to make colourful, durable and long-lasting playground markings. These are ideal for schools, councils and nurseries as they can be washed away when no longer required. A study by Lanier Elementary showed that playgrounds with painted games and markings have more time spent in physical activity and lower sedentary behavior.

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