How to Perform a Garage Door Install

Garage door install is a project that requires precise craftsmanship and knowledge of the correct materials to ensure a safe and productive operation. It’s important to use quality doors and components that will stand the test of time and withstand years of opening and closing.

Are garage doors a good investment?

The first step in a successful garage door install is to prepare the framing. This includes determining the height and width of the opening as well as securing the header bracket to ceiling joists or trusses. It’s important to ensure that the bracket is securely attached with lag screws to prevent any movement during operation.

Once the framing is complete it’s time to install the track and header. It’s important to follow the manufacturers instructions closely when installing the horizontal and vertical tracks. This will ensure that the track is placed in a position where it won’t interfere with your vehicle or other objects inside the garage. Then it’s time to assemble and connect the spring anchors, torsion rod and pulley wheels.

It’s important to remember that working with tensioned springs can be dangerous if not properly handled. It’s important to use a pair of locking pliers and to follow the manufacturer’s manual when tightening the springs. It’s also recommended to have a helper during this step, to assist with the tensioning process and to provide extra support to avoid any injuries. Once the springs are properly tightened, it’s time to finish up the installation with the installation of the curved section and the final touches.

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