The Best Colombian Girdles

Unlike other shapewear, workout faja are crafted in strong fabric materials such as Powernet that provides the highest level of security and body support. They are also lined with cotton to make them more comfortable. Leonisa explains all about what makes these Colombian girdles different and superior to other types of shapewear.

Fajas are a style of figure-slimming shapewear favored by Latin American women, especially from Colombia. They’re known for slimming the waist, concealing bumps and lumps and creating more of an hourglass shape. They’re also known for providing more back support and helping with posture. They’re also often made with padding in the hips and backside to help women look sexier, which is why they’re more than just a shapewear undergarment.

Flaunt a Flatter Belly: Your Guide to the Top Fajas for Superior Tummy Support

The best colombian fajas come in a variety of styles and fabrics to suit a wide range of shapes, needs and goals. You can find a faja made in latex or microltex that works well with exercise, and some even have thermo-inducing properties to increase your core temperature. But, the best fajas are crafted with stronger materials such as Powernet, which is similar to industrial strength webbing. This material is medical-grade and offers a higher level of compression than other lighter shapewear.

Choose a faja with boning, like a corset, to give you the most serious waist reduction and support for your back. Or, go with a faja that has an openable crotch to prevent slippage under your clothing and silicone leg bands to keep it in place. Depending on your goals, you can also choose a faja with different levels of compression. Light compression is great for smoothing the lines under your clothes, while medium compression offers more advanced figure shaping and body support.

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