Snap Story Ads – Take Your Snapchat Advertising to the Next Level

As snap story ads app continues to evolve, the platform is adding new ways for advertisers to monetize their presence on the app. The ephemeral social media app is now testing unskippable ads, similar to TV commercials.

The new ad format is part of the Discover feed, where users can find content relating to pop culture, news, and a wide range of other topics. By including a compelling creative asset, snap story ads can generate strong results for marketers.

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With their dynamic nature and ability to support a variety of campaign objectives, Snapchat Story ads are a powerful addition to any paid social strategy. With the right combination of impactful creative assets and strategic marketing, these ads can deliver a wide range of benefits for brands across industries.

Snap is also experimenting with longer ad formats, allowing creators to monetize their videos by running six-second unskippable ads in the Discover section of the app. It’s another sign that Snapchat is trying to entice users away from the rival TikTok platform, where ad revenue is growing faster.

If you’re looking to take your Snapchat advertising to the next level, consider partnering with a specialist agency that can unlock the full potential of this unique ad format. With the right creative and strategic approach, this ad type can help you achieve your campaign goals, from increasing brand awareness to driving online sales. The best part is, you can easily create Snapchat ads with a dedicated Ads Manager account using Advanced Create mode. This allows you to run split tests by creating multiple single image or video ads to see which performs best.

Understanding YouTube Play Button Rewards

Have you ever watched a YouTuber show off their shiny Creator Awards and wondered how to get one of your own? These Creator Awards (more commonly known as Play Buttons) are given out to YouTubers and content creators when they hit certain subscriber milestones and are a great way to celebrate channel growth and recognition. However, achieving a Play Button isn’t as easy as just hitting a certain number of subscribers – Understanding YouTube Play Button Rewards reviews channels to make sure they are following the platform’s community guidelines and creating high-quality videos.

How do you get a YouTube Play Button Award?

The first YouTube Play Button is awarded when a channel hits the 100,000 subscriber mark. This is the Silver Play Button and it’s a pretty cool achievement to have – it’s a nice little incentive to keep going and reach your next goal. The next milestone is the Gold Play Button, which is a big step up and requires a lot more work and dedication to grow your channel. After that is the rarer Diamond Play Button, which only a few channels have managed to achieve so far.

Once you have reached a Play Button milestone, YouTube will notify you inside of your Creator Studio dashboard and provide a single-use code that you can use to claim your prize. Once verified, your award will be shipped to you and should arrive within a few weeks. You can check out the current available YouTube Play Button rewards here. As you can see, the prizes vary in size and design as each milestone is achieved.